Representatives and Staff

Parish councillors are unpaid and represent local residents. The next election is May 2023.

The Parish Council is the most local tier of government with a number of responsibilities, including provision and maintenance of amenity areas, maintenance of parish and common land, local input to planning applications, donations to local groups, and initiating and making recommendations to other authorities on improvements to the village.

Misterton Parish Council works closely with Bassetlaw District Council ( and Nottinghamshire County Council ( The District Councillor holds monthly surgeries, and the MP, John Mann, holds bi-monthly surgeries, in the Parish Council’s office.

You can send an email to any MP and find out about attendance and voting patterns and more about who represents you locally by visiting the website

Role of a Parish Councillor

A Parish councillor is elected by the voters who live in the ward in which they have chosen to stand.  Parish councillors have three main areas of work, which include:

  • Decision-making – attending meetings and deciding what activities to support and how money should be spent.
  • Monitoring – keeping an eye on what is going on to make sure that their decisions lead to efficient and effective services, and
  • Getting involved locally.

There is a legal requirement to attend a minimum number of meetings and to abide by a members’ code of conduct.

The National Association of Local Councils publishes The Good Councillors Guide and a booklet for people who want to know more about the role of a councillor.

Peter Marsden – Chairman of the Council

Frampton House, 7 High Street Misterton DN10 4BU
01427 890122

Click here for the Declaration of Interest Peter Marsden

David Pearce-Councillor 

Quayside Station Street, Misterton DN10 4BY
07949 703724

Click here for the Declaration of Interest David Pearce

Alan Stead – Councillor

Barry Cooper – Councillor

Lowfield, 24 Gringley Road, Misterton, DN10 4AP
01427 890997

Click here for the Declaration of Interest Barry Cooper

Nikki Jaggard-Smith – Councillor

5 Old Forge Road Misterton DN10 4BL
01427 891629

Click here for the Declaration of Interest for Nikki Jaggard-Smith

Ian Keats – Councillor

Alex Myers – Councillor

Hazel Brand – Councillor

Sycamore Lodge Grovewood Road Misterton DN10 4EF
01427 891376

Click here for the Declaration of interest Hazel Brand

Gail Collett – Councillor 

2 Grovewood Road, Misterton,Doncaster Dn10 4EF


Click here for the Declaration of Interest Gail Collet

Steve Taylor- Councillor

Tom Allen – Councillor 

2 Goldrick Close Misterton DN10 4FA

Click here for the Declaration of Interest Tom allen

Tony Wing –Vice-Chairman 

Fairview, Debdhill Road Misterton 07899766625

Click here for the  Declaration on Interest Tony Wing

Maggie Scott  – Councillor 

Mayfield Barn ,23A High Street Misterton 

Click here for the Declaration of Interest Maggie Scott