About our cemetery

Misterton & West Stockwith Parish Councils work together as a Burial Committee.  The Burial Committee has a total of five members, three from Misterton Parish Council and two from West Stockwith Parish Council.  The Burial Committee is responsible for the cemetery located on Haxey Road and also for one of the two Remembrance Gardens located in the village churchyard.  The Burial Committee as well as being responsible for the Remembrance Garden at the western end of the churchyard (near the kissing gate) it is also responsible for graves at the western end of the churchyard.

We are responsible for burials which take place in the cemetery, maintenance of the graves and surrounding areas and the upkeep of burial records.

The burial grounds are inspected annually by the committee and a full safety inspection of all graves, including headstones and monuments, is carried out every five years.

The Burial Committee employs a part-time Clerk and a part-time Groundsman.

Opening times

Our cemeteries are always open for visitors except for occasional essential maintenance and repair work.


Parking is available at the adjacent lay-by in front of Haxey Road cemetery.

Cemetery Rules and guidelines

We have a set of cemetery regulations and guidelines in place to ensure the cemeteries are pleasant places for all. We welcome everybody to our cemeteries but ask all visitors to act in a manner that is respectful to the deceased and bereaved. Dogs (except guide dogs and assistance dogs) are not permitted in the Haxey Road Cemetery.  Dogs can be walked on the path through the churchyard but must be kept on a lead at all times and must be kept off grassed areas.  Owners are requested to clean up after their dogs.

Full details of Rules & Regulations available below:

Burial Grounds Rules & Regulations 2022

Clerk to the Burial Committee

The Burial Committee Clerk is Mrs Angela Harrison  and can be contacted on 01909 239911 or 077545822654 or  by email at theclerk@misterton-notts-pc.gov.uk 

Office Administrator Miss Natalie Palmer and can be contacted on 01427 890646 or 07954871754 or by email at natalie.palmer@misterton-notts-pc.gov.uk

All queries and requests for information regarding burials should be addressed to either of the above contacts.  Burial plots can be reserved and purchased from the above

Current Fees

The fees indicated in this part do not include the digging of the grave or any funeral directors fees

For Exclusive Right of Burial in the Cemetery :

(1) Exclusive Right of Burial fee (Purchase of the plot only)  £250 (resident), £400 (non resident) 

(ii) Each interment in the grave or vault £250.00 (resident), £450.00 (non-resident).


For Burial of cremated remains in the Remembrance Garden 

(i) There is no Exclusive Right of Burial Fee for the Remembrance Garden

(ii) Each interment of cremated remains (inc the 300mm x 300mm memorial fee) £150.00 (resident),  £250.00 (non-resident)

(iii) If a reserved plot is requested an initial interment fee will be requested to secure the plot but will not be charged again when the initial interment occurs.


Memorial Fees (Cemetery)

For the right to erect or place a memorial on a grave or vault in respect of which the exclusive right of
burial has been granted i.e burials in the Haxey Road cemetery:

  • A headstone or plaque without kerbstones £200.00 (resident), £250.00 (non-resident)
  • A vase not exceeding 15’’ in height £100.00 (resident) £150.00 (non-resident)


Additional Inscriptions

The fees indicated for the various headstones above  include the first inscription and all subsequent
inscriptions. £50.00 (resident or non-resident)


War MemorialWar Memorial

The war memorial is situated on the High Street on common land known as ‘The Pudge’. This is adjacent to the village church and area of green space, Church Meadow.


The war memorial, in remembrance of men from Misterton lost in the First World War, was unveiled on 8 January 1922 by Brig Gen Sir Joseph Laycock, KCMG, DSO, of Wisedon Hall, a notable Nottinghamshire soldier and Olympian. It was built by Mr GH Spilman at a cost of £300. The names of the parishioners who died in the Second World War were added after 1945.


The memorial, in granite, has a Celtic cross-head on a tapering shaft. That rises from a rough plinth, the front face a smooth panel carrying the inscription TO THE GLORY OF GOD/ AND IN EVERLASTING REMEMBRANCE/ 1914-1918 (23 names). On the upper stage of a shallow two-step base is THEY DIED THAT WE MAY LIVE. MAY WE BE WORTHY OF THEIR SACRIFICE. The base of the shaft is inscribed THESE ALSO GAVE THEIR LIVES 1939-1945 (6 names). The memorial is defined by stumpy stone pillars carrying a chain.


In 2015 the surrounds of the memorial were reworked, and an outer concrete kerb and paving was installed by the Parish Council. The memorial itself was cleaned and any damage to the names restored. This was part funded by the War Memorials Trust and the County Council.

The memorial was listed shortly thereafter by Heritage for England.