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Review of the Misterton Neighbourhood Plan

After several months the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group have now completed the draft Misterton Review Neighbourhood Plan (MRNP). Although some of the Neighbourhood Plan remains unchanged (e.g. allocated sites), there are some key additions and amendments proposed. In particular there is now:

  • a Misterton Design Code Report by AECOM (a national planning consultancy), which details the different types of housing in the village,
  • a comprehensive section on key views & significant green gaps (which we wish to preserve),
  • a new section on the Newell’s site (supporting alternative uses to housing development),
  • a clearly defined ‘Infill’ policy, clarifying the meaning of this type of development.
  • a review of housing density

It should be remembered that the Neighbourhood Plan is not to stop development, but to support it, subject to development proposals meeting relevant criteria

The draft MRNP is now subject to a public consultation that will run from Monday 31st October to Friday 16th December

A leaflet explaining the key changes and reasons for the MRNP is available below as part of the consultation with a Comments Form asking for feedback on the new policies. A copy of the leaflet will also be delivered to all households. The consultation will last for 7 weeks with full details (and documents) published here, with hard copies of all documents available at The Misterton Centre & Library.

We will also be consulting with statutory consultees and businesses/landowners who may be affected by the Plans policies. If you are a landowner and believe the plan will impact you, but you have not been contacted, please do contact the Neighbeourhood Plan Steering Group via theclerk@misterton-notts-pc.gov.uk or come along to our public event, noted below, when members of the group will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.

A public drop-in session is scheduled for Saturday 12th November from 9.30am-4.00pm at The Misterton Centre & Library , 52 High Street, Misterton, to allow residents or business owners to attend, review and discuss the draft MRNP & Misterton Design Code Report with Steering Group members

Following the consultation the comments received from residents and other consultees will be reviewed by the Steering Group before a submission version of the MRNP is finalised. This will then be forwarded to Bassetlaw District Council, independently examined and go out for a further public referendum.

Click here to view/download the original Misterton Neighbourhood Plan Document

MRNP Reg 14 Consultation October 2022 poster

MRNP Regulation 14 Consultation Leaflet Oct 2022

Regulation 14 Misterton Review Neighbourhood Plan

Misterton Design Code Report 

MRNP Regulation 14 Consultation – Comments Form


Misterton NP Residents Questionnaire 2016

Misterton NP Business Survey 2016